The undergraduate program offered in two paths : Regular and Extension program.

Undergraduate Program (Regular)

This program is a bachelor program for high-school (SMA) graduates or vocational school (SMK). Every year, about 120 spots opened. The admission to undergraduate program is organized through national selections : SNMPTN (invitational) , SBMPTN (national written test) , and PKM (private test). The alumni of Engineering Physics Undergraduate Program will be awarded the degree Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng).

The requirement of graduation for this program is completion of 144 credits, divided into 8 semesters (one semester consists of 16 weeks of coursework and evaluation). The requirement is given by two stages :

  • Preliminary stage : 36 credits during first 2 semesters
  • Bachelor stage : 108 credits during the next 6 semesters

Undergraduate Program (Extension Program)

Sometimes known as Diploma Transfer Program, this program is provided for diploma-III graduates interested to continue their study to achieve a bachelor degree with recognition to their previously achieved credits. Few diploma programs are eligible for this transfer program e.g. : Metrology and Instrumentation Engineering, Metrology Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics instrumentation. About 40 students admitted every semester and the graduates receive the degree : Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng).

The students required the completion of 70 credits upon graduation, scheduled in 4 semesters. Given by two stages :

  • Matriculation stage : 36 credits during first 2 semesters
  • Bachelor stage : 34 credits during the next 2 semesters

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