Engineering Physics Student Council (In Indonesia : Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Fisika – HMTF) is a student organization within Department of Engineering Physics dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation, and academic support of the membership. The operational of HMTF is under the guidance of the faculty, and the expense is sponsored by the department based on the proposed work programs.

The main scope of HMTF activities are about the student integration and the quality of life for campus students. Also, understanding of Engineering Physics professional career and having life-skill experiences. HMTF is a place where students can acquire in-depth leadership experiences, communication skills, and co-working abilities through some projects. Students of engineering physics are expected to have both hard skill (knowledge) and soft skill.

Engineering Physics Week (EPW) is one of the work program of HMTF that becomes an annual event. Some sub-events held for high-school students, like Engineering Physics Challenge (EPC) and Indonesian Line Tracer Competition (ILTC). EPC is an applied physics olimpiad with objectives to introduce the application of physics in the engineering field. Since 2011, EPC has been held as national competition covering the area of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Kalimantan. The number of participants in 2016 reaches 2000 teams and we intend to continue.

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