The Graduates of Engineering Physics ITS has widespread career in many sectors. Most alumni build their career at industrial sector, some choose academic world, and few becomes an entrepeneur. One thing in common is they find something during their studies.

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Ganesha R. Darmawan

Sr. Drilling Operation Engineer – PT. Pertamina EP
The academic aspects in Engineering Physics ITS shows me how open the relationship between students and lecturers can be, where we support each other. The study environment influences students to be more discipline, and provoke them to understand better by self-studies. One of the impressive course is fluid mechanic. It was difficult, but turns out fluid mechanics is one the basics of all engineering. The courses of Engineering Physics gives a strong foundation to adapt in working environment. The non-academic experiences also necessary to open the mind, socialize, open new job opportunities, and build the networking.

Agus Hartanto

VP-Head of Corporate Banking – PT. Bank Maybank Syariah Indonesia
My current job is not directly related to what I learned during college. I wanted to be radar engineer, but things chaged and this is the way. One thing I got from Engineering Physics education, is thinking systematically. Every process has its parts that works together, bulding a system. My knowledge of engineering especially the 5 specializations taught in Engineering Physics help me to socialize and involved in the discussion with project officer, consultants, foreign investors, as well as monetary commitee of my affice because I understand the technical problems on the business, and know the risk mitigation.

Apriani Kusumawardhani

Lecturer, Dept. of Engineering Physics ITS
Engineering Physics education basically did not result in field-ready engineers. But the curriculum designed so that the graduates has the ability to adapt in many different sectors of engineering. We built the thinking concept, we prepare student with problem solving abilities so they can solve many engineering problems in the society. The experience I got during my study in Engineering Physics ITS is useful to support my career.

Chayun Budiono

Diretor of PT. Gerbang Multindo Nusantara (1994 – present)
I am grateful to be part of Engineering Physics ITS, where I learned about renewable energy. The renewable energy sector is where I work now. I enjoyed the time I was in ITS and there were unforgettable, good memories in both academic and social life.

Dhany Arifianto

Lecturer, Dept. of Engineering Physics ITS
I have exceptional love for physics and mathematics, also computer programming so I choose numerical-based department. I see that Enginering Physics is suitable for those who want to learn physics globally. From the side of knowledge, I look at the other engineering department, they only learn specific things.

Bambang Setiobroto

HR Director of PT Petrokimia Gresik (2004 – 2010)
I got many experience when I join the constuction of amonia and urea factory, starting from project set up, contractor deals, until negotiation with the World Bank for loan.

Dedy Septiadi

Researcher – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) bidang physical chemistry, Institut de Science et d’Ingé-nierie Supramoléculaires, Université de Strasbourg, Perancis (Oktober 2012 – Oktober 2015)
The year 2005-2010 was very nice time for studying. I have important basics of knowledge during my studies in Engineering Physics , and it supports my research career. In 2010 I got Erasmus Mundus to study master degree in Europe, and in 2015, won the Prix Mahar Schützenberger fot the best desertation in France. I want to apply the research in real life, mostly in medical science. I hope more Engineering Physics alumni join me in the research world, aside from industry.

Bowo Setianto

Life is like a matrix which over time, will have higher order. Only people who can think simultaneously and interdisciplinary can simplify the order. As mother of engineering, Engineering Physics is a suitable choice to face future challenges. I consider that choosing this department is a good choice for me.

Judi Achmadi

President Director, PT. Telkomsigma (2012 – Present)
I have a lot of impressive experience at Engineering Physics ITS, the ups and downs. The organizational experiences is very useful because basically every leader will face people management problems. In the development of Engineering Physics education, I suggest the addition of soft-skill trainings, after of course, analytics and modelling courses. Those will help the students to think systematically and results best. Another sugestion will be the use of computers to understand more about instrumentation engineering.

Eko Setiadi

Strategic Planning & Portfolio, Oil & Gas Engineer
I think both academic and non-academic experiences are important to students. Academic knowledge including basics of physics, mathematics, and chemistry is absolute requirement to be an engineer, especially in the field of oil & gas, or chemical engineering. Non-academic skills such as communication, adaptation, and networking is helpful during complicated work projets, which includes many people. Engineering Physics ITS has it all.

Mahendra Ega Higuitta

Founder – Chief Development Officer SEGO NJAMOER
The challenge in my profession as entrepeneur in food sector, as well as engineering physics alumni, is finding out that in the upstream of my sector (mushroom planting), there is still a lot of farmer having technical problems which could be solved by applying some technology. Doing my final project, and having organizational experience trough student council helps me manage my business.