Photonics Engineering Laboratory is one of main facility in Department of Engineering Physics. This laboratory is a place where students study about light and its applications in four main areas e.g. image processing, optical device, optical fiber, and spectroscopy.  Lead by Prof. Sekartedjo, the lab has a motto  “Photonics brings you to the brighter future”

Head of Laboratory : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sekartedjo, M.Sc.


  • Labworks : The Photonics Engineering Laboratory supports labworks for three courses e.g. Optical Engineering, Laser Instrumentation and Fiber Optics, and Photonics System
  • Gathering : annual activity where students, lab assistant, lecturer, and member of SPIE and OSA student chapter went together to recreational location, to bond, having leisure time and sharing sessions
  • Guest lecture : Quarterly event sponsored by SPIE and OSA Student chapter, Photonics laboratory invites professors/speakers from respectable universities around the world as a form of knowledge sharing about recent developments in photonics field
  • Lab meeting : regular meeting for lab assistant to discuss the activities carried out in the laboratory, and to evaluate previous events
  • Internalization : leisure time activity for lab assistant both inside or outside the lab


Photonics lab is equipped with opto room (dark room) and some instruments that enables students to understands the nature of light and its properties.


No. equipments                            Function
1. Optical Time Domain Reflectance Fiber Optic characterization
2. Photo Multiplayer Tube Light intersity amplifier
3. Laser (HeNe, Argon) Laser application experiments
4. Beam Splitter
5. Beam Expander
6. Optical devices Design and assembling optical-based device
7. Photo Detector Detect and measure light power
8. Gratting Wavelength separator
9. Optical Fiber communication simulator



Collaboration and Community Outreach

  • The study of optical fiber communication system (PT. TELKOM)
  • Lighting test for Sport Stadium (Blitar City Government)
  • Lighting test for highways in East Java (PT Jasa Marga)

Research (selected)

  • A Load Sensor Based on Singlemode – Multimode – Singlemode (SMS) Fiber Structure for Weigh-In-Motion System, MP3EI Research
  • Specific gravity Sensor for Crude Oil based on Plastic Optical Fiber, Collaborative research with AKA Migas – Cepu
  • Design and Manufacturing of Smart Hybrid Lighting System
  • Design and Manufacturing of Detection System and Frature Rejection on 3D objects using CCTV camera sensor
  • The application of Sol-Gel immobilization techniques at optical fiber as pH meter
  • Singlemode – Multimode – Singlemode Fiber Structure Sensor for Temperature Measurement, International research ITSF (Indonesian Toray Science Foundation)


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Location          : E-102 Building, Dept. of Engineering Physics,

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, ITS Surabaya