Undergraduate Program (Regular)

This table shows the distribution of complementary courses in the Department of Engineering Physics for undergraduate students. For the complete syllabus, click here to download.


The curriculum in Department of Engineering Physics is flexible that students can choose up to four elective courses, based on the specialization they have. The courses taken each semester also depends on the GPA (Grade Point Average) of the previous semester as shown in the table.

More information about the curriculum and courses can be obtained at Peraturan Akademik ITS.

Undergraduate Program (Extension Program)

This table shows the distribution of complementary courses in the Department of Engineering Physics for undergraduate students (extension program).



At 7th and 8th semester (regular program) or 3rd and 4th semester (extension program) undergraduate students are eligible to choose four elective courses as a part of their curriculum. Three out of four electives has to be in the same specialization, which are the topic that students pick as their preferenced final projet topic. The complete syllabus of elective courses can be downloaded here.

Instrumentation and Control
Code Course Credits
TF141401 Teknik Optimasi/ Optimization 2
TF141402 Instrumentasi Industri/ Industrial Instrumentation 2
TF141403 Sistem Pengendalian Modern/ Modern Control Engineering 2
TF141404 Instrumentasi Medis/  Medical Instrumentation 2
TF141405 Pengendalian Proses/ Process Control 2
TF141406 Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan/ Artifical Neural Networks 2
TF141407 Sistem Fuzzy/ Fuzzy Systems 2
TF141408 Sistem Pengendalian Bioreaktor/ Bioreactor Control System 2
TF141409 Proteksi dan Pengamanan/ Safety and Protection 2
TF141410 Manajemen Resiko/ Risk Management 2
TF141411 Sistem Konversi Daya Listrik/ Electrical Power Conversion Systems 2

Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning

Code Courses Credits
TF141431 Aerodinamika/ Aerodynamics 2
TF141432 Ekonomi Energi/ Energy Economics 2
TF141433 Energi Baru dan Terbarukan/ New and Renewable Energy 2
TF141434 Rekayasa Hidrodinamika/ Hydrodynamics Engieering 2
TF141435 Komputasi Dinamika Fluida/ Computational Fluid Dynamics 2
TF141436 Manajemen Energi/ Energy Management 2
TF141437 Mesin-mesin Fluida/ Fluid Machinery 2
TF141438 Rekayasa Energi di Industri/ Industrial Energy 2
TF141439 Sistem Penyimpanan Energi/ Energy Storage Systems 2
TF141440 Keberlanjutan Energi/ Sustainable Energy 2
TF141441 Kapita Selekta Energi/ Special Topics in Energy 2
Materials Engineering
Code Courses Credits
TF141451 Teknik Pengendalian Korosi/ Corrosion Control Technique 2
TF141452 Teknologi Proses Material/ Material Processing Technology 2
TF141453 Teknologi Material Nano/ Nano-Material Technology 2
TF141454 Teknik Karakterisasi Material/ Material Characterization Technology 2
TF141455 Seleksi dan Desain Material/ Material Selection and Design 2
TF141456 Rekayasa Divais Semikonduktor/ Semiconductor Device Engineering 2
TF141457 Mekanika Material/ Mechanics of Materials 2
TF141458 Material Energi/ Energy Materials 2
TF141459 Bahan Superkonduktor 2
TF141460 Polimer dan Komposit 2
TF141461 Kapita Selekta Bahan 2

Vibration and Acoustics

Code Courses Credits
TF141421 Auditory Neuroscience/ Auditory Neuroscience 2
TF141422 Kontrol Vibrasi/ Vibration Control 2
TF141423 Predictive Maintenance/ Predictive Maintenance 2
TF141424 Bising Lingkungan/ Environmental Noise 2
TF141425 Pengendalian Bising Industri/ Industrial Noise Control 2
TF141426 Pencahayaan Buatan/ Illumination Engineering 2
TF141427 Komputasi Vibrasi/ Computational Vibration 2
TF141428 Sistem Audio/ Audio Systems 2
TF141429 Akustik Bawah Air/ Underwater Acoustics 2
Photonics Engineering
Code Courses Credits
TF141471 Laser di Industri/ Laser in Industry 2
TF141472 Fotonika Biomedis/ Biomedical Photonics 2
TF141473 Instrumen Optik/ Optical Instrumentation 2
TF141474 Divais Fotonika/ Photonic Device 2
TF141475 Spektroskopi Optik/ Optical Spectroscopy 2
TF141476 Sistem Komunikasi Serat Optik/ Optical Fiber Communication 2
TF141477 Image Processing/ Image Processing 2