Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory is one of the laboratories in Department of Engineering Physics ITS. This lab studies about energy and environmental engineering (thermal engineering). The study and research can be categorized into three focuses : Thermal Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Energy Management-Green Building. To support learning activities, the laboratory is equipped with measurement instruments and simulators, also the computer-based simulation software.

Head of Laboratory : Gunawan Nugroho, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.


No. Nama Peralatan Fungsi
1.  Conductimeter Measurement of thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient
2.  Intensitymeter Measuring sun radiation intensity and heat intensity
3.  Radiation meter Measuring sun/matter radiation
4.  Tachometer Measuring rotation speed
5.  Pressure meter Measuring fluid flow pressure
6.  Energy meter Measuring energy efficiency in industry
7.  Boom Calorimeter Measuring calorie of fuels
8.  Wind Tunnel Model fluid distribution and laminarity of a flow
9.  AC Laboratory Unit Air comfort conditioning
10.  Heat Exchanger Unit Fluid flow simulator
11.  Solar Thermal Unit Photovoltaic experiments
12.  Digital Clamp Meter Measuring current and voltage



The laboratory provides following public services :


No. Jenis Layanan
1. Energy conservation in industry, institution, etc.
2. Energy potential survey
3. Manufacturing/Installation of energy converter
4. Thermal comfort engineering in industry
5. Energy-saver incenerator
6. Photovoltaic installation
7. Ansys simulation
8. Energy Audit
9. Biogas plant installation


Collaboration and Community Outreach

1 ESDM Socialization of Gas fuel as replacement of fossile fuel for East Java citizen
2 PG CANDI Research on White Sugar production


PT Kencana Listrik Nusantara


Research on AC diffuser noise criteria
4 Heat transfer of ceramic as electrical insulator
5 Strees and strain of wire insulation
6 Isolation material Thermal resistant
7 AC diffuser profile simulation
8 BAUNG CAMP Surabaya Application of alternative energy and renewable energy on the Baung Mountain Purwodadi
9 IMIDAP Jakarta Workshop on micro-hydro building
10 IMIDAP Jakarta Workshop on micro-hydro operational
11 PEMPROP Jatim Micro-hydro potential research
12 PPLH Seloliman Micro-hydro development
13 BPPT Renewable Energi Research & Development
14 PT GMN Solar Energy & Fotovoltaic Research & Development
15 Panti Asuhan Sabilillah An Nahdliyah, Sidoarjo Biogas Reactor Building
16 BEM ITS Application of solar panel for electrical supply at turtle conservation area
17 BEM ITS Application of solar panel for electrical supply at Pantai Sembilan, Pulau Gili Genting, Madura
18 Universitas Narotama Simulation of thermal comfort at campus Mosque
19 Faculty Hydrokinetic turbine
20 Faculty HRSG (Heat Recovery Stea Generator) research using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
21 Faculty Analysis of industrial pipe leak using CFD



Laboratory Activities


The labworks supported by this lab are Energy Conversion and Conservation for 6th semester student and some of electives.



Upgrading is an activity where the lab assistants study together and doing some experiment as preparation of upcoming labworks. The upgrading brought by representation of each study topic :

  1. Energy Management and Green Building
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Thermal and Fluid Engineering

Lab Meeting

Lab Meeting is periodical meeting held by lab assistant as evaluation and recommendation for lab activities.

Focus Grup Discussion

The joint research and discussion between students and lecturers about newest issue in energy field


Innergy (Innovative Energy Seminar)

The national annual seminar by the Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory


E+ (Energy Educare)

The introduction of laboratory and the specialization field for the first-year students

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Location     : E-204 Building, Dept. of Engineering Physics,

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, ITS Surabaya